is a script for generating a CHM file from ActivePerl's HTML documentation.

Sample output

perl-5.8.chm (Size: 9 MB) is the documentation of my installation (including some non-standard modules like XML::LibXML). It was generated with the command perl default.

The script

Download (Version: 0.2.0).


The script was originally written in 2001 by Simon Flack, revised by Axel Kollmorgen and eventually modified by myself.


usage: [options] <chapters ...>
   or: [options] default


    --no-strip      Do not remove <?xml version ...> 
                    and <script> tags
    --no-compile    Only create the .hhp and .hhc file
    --no-fulltext   Don't create a full text index
    --verbose       Display compile progress
    --help          This text

Chapters: (possible chapters are: ap, core, mods, pragmas, misc)

    ap      ...  Active Perl specific documentation
    core    ...  Perl core documentation
    mods    ...  Module documentation
    pragmas ...  Pragma documentation

    If you use "default" you'll get the following order:
        1. core  2. mods  3. pragmas  4. ap